About UnderShare

Have you ever wondered what does it take for a small custom writing service to expand and grow into a big, successful, well-known business with orders coming from many different countries? Time, naturally, combined with lots of great results and satisfied customers, of course. There is no way to grow if you don’t provide what you promise, if you take or promise more than you can handle, if you are being dishonest or unrealistic about what you are able or willing to do. There is also no way to keep growing if you suddenly start delivering poorer results at some point. Consistent quality, outstanding commitment, high standards and satisfied customers – these, like cardinal winds and directions, are great competitive values. They have always been the core of our services, and that’s the way they will stay.

If we take a look at the immense variety of other writing services, the company growth usually makes it steer away from customization. At Essay-Company.com, highly customized service was originally what enabled us to stand out from the crowd of others, and it still remains so. Sure, nearly everybody offers a wide range of writing services nowadays, including dissertations and research papers, things like proofreading and editing, a well-organized management and customer support team. However, if you are pretty much like everybody else, how can customers make a choice?

Choice being so multifold because of too many options is likely to make you lost instead of welcomed. It is certainly disappointing to have little or no choice, but it is so confusing to consider and compare different choices and factors. This is the paradox of today that you are probably familiar with: great variety and elaborate presentations don’t make things any easier. That is why we prefer to keep everything simple, but highlight our main advantages. Our professional writers have Master’s degrees in various fields, while thousands of satisfied Our professional writers have Master’s degrees in various fields, while thousands of satisfied customers are recommending us to others and placing more orders with us.

At Essay-Company.com, a special quality assurance team guarantees that all the papers are plagiarism-free and meet the standards or specific requirements of certain academic institutions (these may vary, you know, and they may vary even between different teachers). Upon placing an order, you can communicate with your writer during the entire process and even after it is completed. This ensures a customized service, meeting the exact needs and expectations of any, even the most demanding customers.