BY Ben Foran
“We are going to smoke them out there holes”
What is the world afraid of today? Terrorists, today’s terrorists can
shape the world just by making threats, according to Jim McDermott “you can
make people do anything when there afraid.” which has obviously proved to
be true, as shown in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. Another good
example of this is the western world’s leaders and the way they attempted
to hunt down terrorists who were responsible for the September the 11th

After September the 11th Bush decided to take firm actions against
anyone in the world who wishes to cause any threats to America and western
values. He started off with Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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When bush made his public appearances he labeled the Taliban and Bin
Laden as others. Binary opposites, in some cases he positioned the public
to believe that the Bin laden and the Taliban were animals. He did this by
very carefully choosing the words he used in his speeches a number of times
bush stated “we are going to smoke them out there holes”
Similarly in Arthur’s Miller’s the crucible Judge Danforth trailing
the so called witches, continuously used words to make out to the towns
people, that theses men or woman before them all Is a witch and has been
communicating with the devil. He did this by referring to them as “demons,
devil worshippers and corrupt.”
By doing this he created an overwhelming fear that everyone in the
town would be unable to trust anyone and this caused 66 people to be
executed. picpic
When the western world leaders made there public appearances they
constantly made people have an “us” and “them”feeling.

Something that escalated the fear was the colour coding system the
American government designed to inform the American public of the amount of
risk that there could be a terrorist attack today.

Everyday the C.I.A would gather information and then decide on the
colour code. When the colour code would get up into the oranges or the
reds. Americans would panic, they wouldn’t go to work, or they wouldn’t go
shopping sometimes not even leaving the house that day.

This warning system created nothing but an exaggerated fear, so then
people were sitting at thinking about how bad and barbaric these Arabs can
be. In a recent song by Xavier Rudd, which refers to the September the 11th
attacks he states “these human beings are dangerous there greed is
contagious now the world it waits. “
The first thing is the way the world sits and waits. This is because
the world is now terrified of these terrorists, and they feel as thought
the world can do nothing about them. But that is were western leaders come
in and will fight to restore the world back to its normal ways.

Bush has created this fear of terrorists, and now the terrorists play
on it, by making false threats and dropping hints of up and coming attacks.

So Bush tried to put a stop to this, and take control back and that is
were the greed comes in.

Greed is and overwhelming desire to have more of something. In this
case it is power, Bush would of felt weakened by the September the 11th
attacks and therefore needed to let the world no that he is in control, he
can defend his country and he does realize what is going on in the world.

Bush decided to go after this axis of evil, this axis of evil is made
up of Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei and Kim Jong
II. All of these people have supposable posses weapons of mass destruction
that could possibly harm the United States or have been in an Alliance with
a country that is against the United States.

So clearly the world has not learnt by its mistakes back in 1672 when
the Salem witch trails turned a town upside down. A similar fear has been
repeated today and has turned a whole world upside down.