What do you think of when you hear about a single mother raising her three kids? Usually, people think of a deadbeat mom, and low life, rebellious kids. However, in my mothers case, you see an independent woman, who is confident in her kids and in her job. My mother isnt the kind of parent that you would see in the newspaper for killing she was desperate for money or love, or too depressed from a divorce to care for us.
Living in my house as a youngster was rough. The holidays were the worst. My parent fought about everything, from the Christmas tree, to the turkey on Thanksgiving. Nothing was ever normal in my home. The day my parents got divorced was probably the best day in my mothers life. It was most likely because she wanted to make my brothers life and mine easier. Because we would no longer have to hear the screaming and yelling at three AM about the house not being clean. My mother was a happier person when she wasnt fighting with my father. And the house was a lot quieter.

Im sure my mother had been thinking about divorcing my father for sometime. But, why hadnt she done it when all hell broke loose? Or when all the fighting had started? That question still burns in my brain. I know things would have been worse if they had stayed together. My mother and my father were completely wrong for each other. My mother was all about organization and my father was just a big mess.
As for us kids, we turned out pretty well. Even though some of my childhood years were hard, the rest of those times were golden. My brothers and I got along with each other very well. When my mother was at work, my older brother (who is about four years older than me) took care of my younger brother and I until she got home around five. My older brother is now at the University of Santa Barbara, studying to be a screenplay writer. My younger brother attends College Park, and is focusing on school, football and wrestling.

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I would not call what happened between my parents a failure. I would call it THE INEVITABLE. Once upon a time, we all dreamed of the perfect family that had a big house surrounded by a white picket fence and a dog that would never run away. Parents dream of kids who listen and do well in school; now days that would be any parents nightmare. If you were ever running late for work, how would you get around that white picket fence without spilling your coffee or dropping your brief case? If the dog never ran away, how would you ever get a break from the animal? Moreover, if your kids actually listened, you would probably think they were on drugs. Therefore, its better to have things all out of whack, so you arent taken by surprise
Its easy to judge childrens behavior on their parents divorce, but what people are doing wrong is judging the wrong kids. Many children who come out of broken marriages seem to be the strongest and most confident. Some people may see that differently than I. Many friends that I have whose parents are divorced are in school, have jobs, and can take care of themselves without the
Dont judge a book by its cover. My mother was a single parent who went through a divorce (that is still going on today) with confidence and ease. My mother is married again and everything is better than ever for her. I am very proud of her for not giving up on her kids and allowing her self to succeed because she knew she could. Thats what people should think of when they attempt to judge children and their parents. Anything is possible.