Facts about African American History

I. Introduction to Afro-American History
A. Central theme-Quest for 1. Freedom, 2. Equality, 3. Manhood/Women Suffrage
B. Reasons for the Afro-American Movement-1. Record sake, 2. InspirationalSake, 3. Fight for the concept that blacks are inferior.

C. Africanism-anything that has an African origin
D. Eras of History- Ancient (Stone Age), Medieval (Dark Ages History), Modern(Reform), & Current
II. Discuss the four group of Black Historians.
– The Author of Black Historians is Dr. Thrope.

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-The Beginning School-Rope to justify Emancipation
-The Middle School-Builder of Black Studies
-The Layman School-Untrained Historians
-The New School-Professional Historians
The first historian was George Washington Williams. John Rustwrum was the black undergraduate historian to graduate from Harvard.

III. Fathers of History
A. Carter G. Woodson-Father of Negro History ( Founder of Black History Day)
B. Charles Wesley & Monroe Clark-Father of African American Studies
C. Herodotus-who was Greek, Father of History in General-He wrote his historyin Hodge Podgy, meaning something thrown together.

D. Thucydides-Father of Scientific History
IV. Review of the Browder Files by Anthony T. Browder.

A. Introduction-Why can’t African American reunite as a race?
1. We don’t know our heritage.

2. We fail to produce the thing s we need.

3. We have a loss of sense of family.

4. We sell our land.

B. “The Creation of the Negro”- this came from the word NPCRO, which meansdead. It also have a relation the word MANCY, which means worship, honor,& celebrate the dead.

C. “On Becoming a Born Again African”- In order to become this AfricanAmericans must purchase land, produce our own materials, have a sense offamily, and learn about our heritage.

V. Key thesis of Black History and African American Studies:
A. Karenga believed African Americans should Rescue & Reconstruct BlackHistory. We need to rescue it from the Europeans. Let African Americans writetheir own history. His quote was “History is a mirror of struggle”.

B. Alkalimat believed that African American should Rewrite & Reconceptionalize their history. He is the author of Intro to African AmericanHistory. His stages to African American History was the:
1. Crisis Stage,
2. Innovation Stage
3. Experimentation Stage
4. Institutionalization Stage
African American Studies is an intellectual and academic discipline. It has 3 fields of knowledge: 1. Natural Sciences
2. Humanities
3. Social Science.

It deals with a radical fundamental change in education. (Changes fromEuropean centric to Afro centric.)
Alklimat levels of African American History was:
1. Biology & Race 2. Political Economy & Class & Caste
3.Society & Nationality 4. Idealogy & Consciousness
VI. “Theory, Pedagogy, and Research”
A. Theory is a proven fact.

B. Pedagogy is a method or an art of teaching.

C. Research is collecting information, investigating, and seeking knowledge.

VII. Pillars of Knowledge
A. Origin & Heritage
B. Critical Analysis (critical thinking)
C. Empowerment-social, political, & economic
VIII. Kinds of Knowledge
A. Practical- knowledge of the first order that is generated in order to understandthe symbols and meanings as the group understands them. Example: Allhumans need food to live. Jim is a human. Therefore, Jim needs food to live.

B. Technical-describes and explains the empirical reality that the group must dealwith. Example: County schools have higher scores than city schools.

C. Emancipatory-used to helps resolve contradictions between practical andtechnical knowledge. It is a knowledge that can be used to change negativeconditions into positive conditions in order to improve the life chances/experiences for black people. Example: County schools may havebetter teachers.

Important to Know
Africa is the birthplace of humanity.

Africa had 3 main kingdoms-Ghana, Mali and Songhai
Bicades Sudan means land of black people.

Kongo means land of Black Smith
Egypt was once known has hemit, which means land of blacks.

Africa was called Ethopia, which means land of black skin.

NPCRO means dead.

MANCY means worship, honor, & celebrate the dead.

Griots-oral historians
Human life began in Eastern Africa about 160,000 years ago.