Internet On Modern Society

The Effect of the Internet on Modern Society
In this day and age, the Internet is the new resource tool for the masses. It has changed the way we live in society and the way people interact with each other. As more and more people log on the Internet, it has undoubtedly changed the way people think and feel about each other and the world around us. When we begin to look at the ways it has changed society, we can clearly see many reasons to its assimilation into modern life. First, it has given people a new way to communicate, through E-mail and web cams. Secondly, it is a sort of modern library where anything imaginable can be researched, and finally, not only in the virtual sense has it changed the world but also in the physical sense. Millions of jobs have been created by way of the Internet, the economy and the way people purchase thing has also changed. Because of these reasons, the Internet has become a staple in society and will continue to influence our lives in a productive way.

The world today is in a high point when it comes to the economy, not only of the United States but of almost every first or second world country due in part by the Internet. The Internet serves a different purpose to every user, but to a country as a whole it serves the purpose of a great boost their economy. Billion dollar a year companies such as Dell, IBM and Macintosh greatly help the economy in way most people do not see. Not only do those companies pay taxes to the federal government, the economy gets a boost on any product that a consumer buys, thus every computer or accessories that a consumer purchases, the government is taking a little piece of the pie.
As it turns out, computer and internet companies can not run themselves, which means, thousands of jobs need to be filled to help maintain the high level of quality in a product and to ensure that the company will run like a smooth oiled machine. But not only the new computer companies have created jobs for the masses, but every company with aspirations of the future needs these people with specialized training and intimate knowledge of networking and programming systems. Which means that a meat packing facility in Delaware needs someone who graduated college and majored in networking to help set up or maintain their network of computers.
Schools are also changing the way they set up classes and almost all schools now have a computer school were any student can major in computer science and acquire great jobs with huge corporations. For a college to set up a computer school take a great amount of money. They would have to purchase hundreds of computers and hire technologically educated teachers, which do not come at a small price. This is an obvious sign that companies are looking for the most qualified technicians to work for them, and each school spends millions of dollars to have the best computer science program available.
The Internet in a virtual sense is something that, after its introduction into mainstream society, can not be taken away from the people. It is a place where information can be found on any topic that one needs answers to. Research is a key element to the Internet and why it is so important to our society. It has completely changed the way we think and feel as a society. If everything is on the Internet, then why go someplace else? That is the question most people ask themselves and that very mentality has helped to boost its popularity and vastness. Nothing will ever be looked at the same as before the Internet. Even the way we shop has changed with such advents like Ebay, and From books to mustard, it is all right on your home PC. These web sites are just a small portion of what the Internet has to offer by way of the Internet.
The Internet is now also seen as a new form of mass media expression. Anyone with a home computer can now have a dedicated web page for anything that they would like to have on it. It is a free form of expression to the masses. From views on their favorite movies to the state of the government, it can all be found on the Internet. Unlike the library the Internet is not only for the published author, it is for the average person who feels the need to express himself or herself. It is also a place where people who share the same values and ideas can come together regardless of their location on the map. While information exchange on the Internet is usually done through web sites; newsletters and e-mail are also ways to communicate with one another.
With the way that computers have spread to thousands of families in the ten years, e-mail has now made a place for itself in the society of today. Most people view e-mail as a cheap and easy way to communicate with family and friend across the globe. Because of the amount of home computers in the world today, the chances are that the person you want to speak with has an e-mail address, which makes speaking to that person more often much easier and affordable.

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