Prayer in Schools

Religion is any system of beliefs or the moral values that people follow. Some people actually define religion as their whole purpose in life. Religion is often times the key that defines who people are. Religion is where people find themselves and the purpose for their lives. Combine all these beliefs about religion and people’s pride and it is understandable why people are so devoted to their religious beliefs. This makes religion a crucial component to most peoples lives.
The fight to keep religion out of schools, specifically Christianity, has been a controversial issue for many years.People have fought to keep other religions from being taught to their children so that they may not be led astray. It is not that most people do not want any religion taught in schools and to their children, but it is the fact that they do not want other religions to be taught to their children. They believe that exposing their children to other religions causes them to question their own religion and then have them start to believe in another religion that is not their parent’s religion.

It used to be that prayer in class was as common as saluting the flag of the United States of America. Today, it is illegal for a student to have a Bible at school and to share with other students what they believe. So many people have chosen to go against having religion in schools because it is not their religion.
There are many issues that are involved with this topic. The fact that the country has fallen away from Christianity and into more of a variety of religions has made it difficult to determine what religion would be acceptable to teach and be open about in the classroom.Everyone wants their own religion to be taught and in the best light possible, but no others. They want the youth of the country to be converted to their religion, but want all the other religions to be neglected and ignored.

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I think that it is not bad to teach about religions in school. I feel that it is important that the children of the future know about what is out in the world today. However, if they are going to teach religion in schools, it is imperative that they teach about all of the religions and in an unbiased way. Many people do not mind religions being taught about in schools, but they want their religion to be shed in the best light possible, even if it is not the truth. They want their religion to stand out above the others as a more appealing religion for the young of the nation. Religions need to be looked at in a scientific way rather than in a passionate and emotional way. The students must be presented with the facts and nothing more. If they want to go further into studying of a certain religion they need to seek council with a representative of a church from that religion.
Many people have different views about this topic. Some feel that religion should not be taught at all in schools. Some believe that religion should be taught about in an impartial manner. This paper will fulfill the requirements by showing opposing arguments and by giving my views and the stand that I will be taking on this issue.

It is important to address this issue because it is one of real importance. It is an issue that people deal with on a day to day basis and I believe that by writing this paper I can shed better light on why people feel the way they do about this topic and why it is such a significant concern in today’s world.

I believe that readers could better prepare themselves and also develop a logical and reasonable judgment about
this situation. I think that writing this paper would equip readers with the knowledge to make a sound and coherent assessment on what they believe about teaching religion in schools.

There are many resources that I could use to back up the view that I would be taking and even more resources that I could use to thoroughly cover this topic in general. First, the Bible talks about how we are to teach our children the way of the Lord and how we are responsible for teaching the children of the world the Bible.