The DWS formed in late 1988, and we have been busy ever since. At present we have 750 full-time members and another 400 or so non-members who follow our activities. We mount at least three full concerts a year. Our newsletter, The Echo, is printed four times a year for our members. Our annual membership fee is only $15. Members, besides receiving The Echo, The DWS Board of Directors consists of seven people who work only on a strictly voluntary basis. Our president is Phyllis Bardone; vice president is Manuel Jimenez; treasurer is Ray Baxter; secretary and Echo editor is Jim Dawson. Other Board members are Marvin Kaminsky, Eddie Davis and Ray Regalado.
get $10 off the price of concert Our 39 concerts over the past thirteen years have starred a who’s who of doo-wop, including Buddy Bailey of The Clovers, Earl Lewis ; The Channels, The Coasters, Zola Taylor ; The Platters, Eugene Church, Richard Berry ; The Dreamers, The Flairs, Arthur Lee Maye ; The Crowns, The Spaniels (featuring Pookie Hudson), Virgil Johnson of The Velvets, The Storytellers, The Magnificents, Big Dee Erwin of The Pastels, The Chantels, Rosie Hamlin ; The Originals, The Hollywood Saxons, Johnny Flamingo ; Jennette Baker (The Dots), Gladys Horton ; The Marvelettes, Tony Allen, The Calvanes, Leon Peels of The Bluejays, The Penguins, Don Julian ; The Meadowlarks, Gaynel Hodge ; The Turks, Johnny Maestro ; The Brooklyn Bridge, The Robins (with Grady Chapman), Vernon Green ; The Medallions, The Solitaires, Willie Winfield ; The Harptones, The Five Discs, Vito ; admittance and special prices for T-shirts, videotapes of our shows, and other memorabilia.