Lets see here, how should I begin? Slavery is wrong. Yes a lot of people support it but very few want to speak out about it. Slaves were defined as “things”, and could be bought, sold, traded, given as gifts or pledged for debt by their owners. Some slaves even sold themselves to pay debt. A person being sold doesn’t seem odd to you in any way. Oh yes I forgot there skin is of slight variation from a white mans. What I’m getting at is that in the constitution it says, “every man was created equal”, therefore why is a colored man being treated as he is. I guess that doesn’t go for blacks. I mean they are so different from a white man. They have two arms and two feet just as the white man. The only difference is the skin color. No one ever gave any blacks a chance to read or write so they just assumed that they should be just “hands on the farm.”
The food they get is practically what is left from the slave owners’ dinner. A few chicken bones or beans, not enough to live on for doing all that work. Slaves don’t even have any rights to do anything. A slave couldn’t tell his owner, “I don’t feel like raking the grass today,” because he would get severely beaten. The women slaves were beaten the same as the men. Slave owners took advantage of some women to invade their sexuality. They would even get them pregnant. That is odd too, a slave owner with kids of his own and slave kids too. I guess he is trying to get more slaves for the farm.

In the slave “gangs” as they call them on the farms, the slaves tried to live a life of happiness. They made few friends and tried to live though each day hoping to get out of there soon. They had no place to go because of no rights to do anything. They had no money to buy anything either. I just do not get it. A colored man is the same as a white man, right? A colored man just has different colored skin. They are treated badly and get nothing out of it. In your spare time try thinking about this and how bad slaves are treated. Just because you’re a white man you have all the right in the world to put another man through hard work with no food. I don’t think so.