The blue bird

Man does it get boring sitting around in your room for hours. Theres just
nothing to do at this town thats not a crime. Compton isnt the best place to
live but you get used to it after you have lived there your whole life. I miss
my dog bubbles, its been only 5 months since bubbles died. Bubbles was a
good dog but not the brightest of all dogs. My family and I were just sitting
in the living room when all of a sudden Bubbles ran and jumped out of the
window and fell 5 stories to his death. I was going through a lot of suffering
for that dog. This went on for a long time, then after five minutes I didnt
care anymore so I watched some T.V. Well enough of that I wonder what
Jack you need to find something to do, go out and play with your friends or
Mom, all the kids my age that live around here are gang members or doing
something illegal, I want another pet. Right after I said pet my father Pa Pa
Chulo turned around and looked at me.

Damn boy you asking for another pet. Heres a thought how about you go
out and get some friends. You didnt take good care of your other pet your
mother had to do everything for that dumb dog.

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Then what do you call a dog that jumps out of a window boy. I could see
I was not getting anywhere by arguing with my Dad so I thought maybe I
Mom, Dad let me get a pet and if I not taking good enough care of I have to
Thanks Mom at least someone here is resonible. Pa Pa Chulo turned bright
red and just started shacking. This is not good I should probably get out of
here before he explodes. I jolted out of the apartment down the five flight of
stairs and stopped when I was in the parking lot. I was very tired from this
whole ordeal It felt like someone was pushing on my chest. See Im on the
chubby side so you cant expect me to run down 5 flights of stairs and be
alive. Yes lets go to the Pet Store and see what they have. While I was
walking down the street many ideas of animals went through my head. How
about a cat, no I had a cat before and they were boring and slept a lot. When
we had an earthquake you could tell the cat didnt take it that well, he only
slept 22 hours that day. Well how about a dog, I dont think so, I havent
had the best of luck with dogs. Here I was at the Compton Pet Store, but
when I looked inside there was only cats and dogs.
Hey Mister Pet Store guy do you have any animals that are not cats or
Well actually we just got a monkey. Wow a monkey, that sounds like a
cool pet but I dont know if that will go by that good with Pa Pa Chulo. It
Sure Ill take him. The man went into the back room and came out with
this monkey that didnt even go up to my knees, and was light brown.

Hey I think Ill call him Ice Mocha. Mocha come on lets go shopping for
you I dont want a naked monkey. Mocha just stared at me and let out a
high pitch scream that had my ears ringing.

Damn Mocha you crazy, you better stop this screaming stuff now if you
want to be able to stay with me. My Dad would make me get rid of you in a
second. Ice mocha jumped up on my shoulder and we left the store. Right
across the street was a Nike Outlet store for Monkeys.
Man Mocha how lucky are we. We bought him some air jordans and
a red and black warmup. Man Mocha your looking mad fresh but one thing
is missing, hmm, oh yeah you need a nice big gold chain. We went next
door to the Jewerly store and looked around. Mocha jumped up on the
counter and looked around and stopped pointed to necklace and smiled at
The necklace is $600.00, how am I supposed to pay for this? Mocha
screamed again except this time louder.

Damn Ice Mocha didnt I just tell you five minutes ago not to scream, one
more time and youll be a bald Mocha. Lucky for you though I have an
extra $600.00 dollars on me so you can have it. Mocha smiled and did a
backflip off the counter and ran over and started hugging my leg. I picked
Your welcome Boy!! The jewler handed me the chain and I put it on
Im tired Mocha, lets go home. Mocha jumped on my shoulder and we
started on our way home. It seemed to take hours but we were just around
the corner of my apartment so it took a minute or two. When I entered the
house Pa Pa Chulos mouth dropped wide open in amazement.

Dad this is my new pet, Ice Mocha.

Son pay no attention to your father, you can keep the monkey but dont
forget your deal with us. So go in your room and play with your monkey so
I can talk with your father. That went smoothly. My eyes are getting so
Its like sand bags are on my eyelids.

Mocha goodnight, Im talking a nap. I just collapsed on my bed. I
awoke a couple hours later and noticed that Mocha was gone. I scanned
my room very slowly to see any signs of Mocha but Mocha wasent there.

While looking around my room I saw a piece of paper on my dresser, I got
Up slowly and picked up the paper. This is strange the paper is a note from
Mocha saying he went out with some of his friends to go to clubs. Scratch,
Scratch!! what was that? A shadow slowly appeared at my window. Wait
Thats Mocha, I reached over and turned on the light.
Mocha what is that on your army? Mocha shrugged his shoulders. I got
Hey thats a tattoo, it says Monkey Mafia. Mocha are you involved with
gangs? Mocha all of a sudden started climbing back down the window and
Nooo, Mocha stop lets talk about this. Quickly I put on my shoes and
headed towards the door and ran down the stairs nearly slipping. I got
outside and got a slight gust of wind which felt like a million needles
poke throught my whole body. I wish I had a jacket man is it cold and dark.

I was walking down the streets looking everywhere for Mocha. I
Approached the corner of the street and there was a couple of women
Standing there. One of them caught sight of me and approached me.

Ill find it for $50.00 bucks slugger.

What are you talking about, Im out of here. I looked to the right and saw
Mocha sitting on a curb shivering.
Mocha you can come home if you promise to get out of the gang. Mocha
shook his head and walked over. I put Mocha in my jacket .

See gangs are no good. They just cause trouble. Gangs make you think
that no one else cares for you and only they do. That if they were your
real friends they would understand why you were in a gang. They also say
they will protect you but really you wouldnt need any protection if you
werent in a gang. And if they really cared about you they wouldnt put
you in that kind of danger. In other words Mocha it just isnt worth it.