Valeen Wanta

2nd hour
English 12
5, 10, 20 Years From Now
In five years I am hoping to already be graduated from the Wausau
tech and have a successful career as a dental hygienist. I will probably
still be a branch manager for Subway in Hatley, which is the position I
will receive after graduating from high school. There aren’t many job
openings around this area for dental hygiene so I might have to move to
either Appleton or Green Bay, where I have a better chance of becoming
employed. After a few years, there may be an opening around this area for
me to apply for, but until then I am going to have to settle with what is
offered. After I graduate I want to move out and get an apartment. I want a
really nice one that has everything included. Having my own washer and
dryer is necessary, because I hate laundry mats. This apartment will
probably be my home until I have a chance to get a job around here.A
relationship is the last thing I’m going to worry about at this time. If I
am in a relationship, that’s great; if not I’m not going to worry about it,
because I’m still young and have a lot of time to find the right guy for

In ten years from now I want to either be married or engaged, to
someone who also has a successful career, and who loves me despite my many
flaws. He needs to be able to take care of himself. I’m willing to be his
wife, not his mother.

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I hope to have a brand new house, which I designed. It’s going to be
country looking. The house will have cedar siding, and a big porch, with an
upper level balcony. I’m really into landscaping, so I’m hoping to have a
big yard, so I can decorate it with different plants and stone.

I may still be carrying two careers depending upon how much of a
challenge it will be to balance them with my social life, and how having
two jobs effects my work ethic overall. If it comes to the point where I am
going to have to pick a career, I guess it would have to be dental hygiene.

Business management will be an interesting experience, but they make about
12 dollars less than a hygienist. At this point I’m going to have to stop
thinking about what is best for me, but what will be the best for my future

I hope to have kids within a year or so of this time, hopefully a
girl and two boys. Right now the names that I am thinking of are Owen
Daniel, Preston Shaw, and Katience Mercedes. Another thing that I want is a
golden retriever dog named Dakota. Ever since I was younger I wanted to
have a puppy, but my parents never had the time to take care of one.

It’s really hard to picture myself twenty years from now. I hope that
I am still married to the same man and my kids are all in school. Hopefully
they will be attending a nice school, on kind-of like Wittenberg-
Birnamwood. The kids now say how bad this school is, and how much they hate
it, but at least it’s safe. It’s kind-of small but it’s better than a big
gang school in the city.

I’m guessing I will still be a dental hygienist and hoping my husband
will be holding a solid career. At this time in our lives we should be able
to afford to go nice vacations with our family to places like Florida, and
Canada, where families usually go on vacations.

I am really scared to look old, so I really want to be one of those
ladies that look like they are ten years younger than what they really are.

The Avon book is probably going to be my best friend.

My kids will be the thing that keeps me young. I hope that I will
have close relationships with all of them. I want them to be in sports and
be active in their school, but if they aren’t I will love then anyway.

Whatever dreams they have I will support them all the way. There is no way
that I will turn away from them when they are in trouble, but they will
know that they will have to face their consequences.

Picturing my future is more difficult than what I thought it would
be. Changes are going to happen in my life, and I’m not going to have
control over them. I understand that there are things that are going to set
me back a little, but I am going to have to deal with it and move on.

Hopefully the events will happen in order to how I set them, like getting
married before I have kids. I know life isn’t going to get easier, but as
it goes on, I grow more everyday with it.